I’ve totally somewhat not been paying attention to my tumblr…yet still gaining a lot of new followers! Hello my loves! Yes yes its because of a boy, who is wonderful an amazing, But I promise to hop back onto the horse very shortly. Until then, live life beautifully and be kind to others! 

I’ve been in quite the creative rutt boys and girls. Feeling somewhat…lethargic? But hopefully this lovely 3 day off adventure waiting to happen will be exactly what I need!! Lets hope for the best! 

Did you work while going to SDCI? from Anonymous

I was the first out of my class to get a job and it was…lets see I started school in march…about 4 months into school I got hired with Wolfgang Puck Catering. It worked perfectly with the schedule that I had, although some days trecking it from school to a 101 degree trailer near the water was a bit much ahaha. Loved every second of though!